Friday, 11 May 2012

Say No To Kryptonite . . in the Garden!

Superman against the Green-stuff . . .
. . . just say NO to Kryptonite!

Cotoneaster and Forget-me-nots
in Bloom.

The Gardener

Relaxing for a moment . . .

To the left . . .

To the Right!

My Trusty Tool!

The Court in Spring.
(Spot the Yellow Peril?)
Just a Weed to some . . . 
. . but this is gardening Kryptonite for others!
(even if it is yellow;-)

This one isn't . . well it's yellow,
but it's 

Just an Ordinary Garden.

Young Basil,
just planted out.
Oh dear, I can't remember what plant this is!

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