Thursday, 26 April 2012

Contrasting Airports!

    Two Airports . . that's where the similarities end! One I visited last night to pick up a good friend after his business trip, the other a small local airport in Northants.

Parked up at
Heathrow Airport
to meet a friend!
Time: 6.16pm

Liftway to Heaven?
Just Arrivals!

The Feckin Costs!
I arrived at 6.16pm and left two hours
later: £8.80
Ticket Machines!!!

Reading Material
the ready!

Now all I need is a Coffee . . .

Found One
in the Airport Bar!

Ah, there he is
in the
White Shirt,
Hey John,
Over Here Matey!

Now look at Sywell Airport, I was there today, don't ask me why, I have no excuse! Anyway, I had a problem with my windscreen wipers that JB and me sorted out, then I went for a run in her to test the wipers out in our wonderful April Showers . . .

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