Thursday, 15 November 2012

Baxter's Story...

“Last year I had a big problem with my Scotland Shepherd Baxter. I gave him food to eat and for the first time he didn’t want to eat. Considering he is really greedy I got worried and called the vet. He told me it wasn’t a problem and that the heat was probably affecting his appetite. I calmed down a little bit. But when I took him out for his morning walk I noticed that his urine was bloody.

I immediately took him to the vets where they told me he had been bitten by an infected tick and that they’d do everything they could to save him. They gave him an injection and after a few days he was better. But I could not realize how he got the tick when he had protection from fleas and ticks. I had used an ampoule on him about 15 days earlier. But obviously it hadn’t worked. Through recommendation I started using Pet Protector although I was still scared: how could I let him walk around without chemical protection, and with just a medallion around his neck? Well, this time obviously I was wrong. Baxter hasn’t had a single parasite since then, and I am peaceful and content now - finally.”

Melanie Higginson, Canada.

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